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Are you a successful woman who’s moved to Los Angeles not only to advance in her career, but to meet relationship-minded men?  Well, if you’ve lived here for a while now, you probably realize that it’s a lot easier to advance in your career than it is to meet relationship-minded men.

You probably thought that moving to one of the biggest cities in the nation would give you plenty of opportunities to move up the career ladder and meet quality men, right?  But you got it all wrong.  The truth is, no matter how successful you are in life, meeting relationship-minded men in Los Angeles is difficult.

Why, you ask?

Because dating in Los Angeles is completely different than dating in any other city in the country.  The struggles single women in Los Angeles face are much different, more frustrating.

The ratio of single men to women is bigger, but that doesn’t mean a thing.

It’s true, there are more men than women in Los Angeles.  So silly you (and every other woman in LA) thinks that because statistics favor you, you’re going to meet men, right?  Well, not quite.  After all, that’s why you’re here reading this blog, right?

Although there are more men than women, it doesn’t mean those men are looking for a serious relationship.  When it comes to finding Mr. Right in LA, those numbers don’t mean a thing.

single women in los angeles

You work long hours, which leaves little time to find someone.

Let’s face it, Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in the USA, so of course, in order to keep a fun life, you’re going to have to work very long and hard hours at the office.  While this might be good for your career and get you moving up the ladder quickly, it can definitely take a toll on your dating life, which is why you’re reading this dating article today.

Men never approach you when you’re out & about.

When you finally do get some free time to yourself and schedule a ladies’ night out, you come home disappointed because no guys approach you.  In fact, you’re starting to realize men in LA only approach drop-dead gorgeous women everywhere they go.

Single men in Los Angeles have dating ADD.

Los Angeles is home to some of the most beautiful women in the country, which makes every single guy in the city feel like a kid in the candy store.  No, really, they do feel like they’re in a candy store where they can pick and choose any woman they want.

A guy can have the most phenomenal date of his life, with the most attractive woman ever, but if he’s out on the town and finds a woman who is a notch above her the next night, he quickly moves on.

Men disappear like Houdini.

You when you finally do start going out with someone you think is a good guy, he quickly pulls a Houdini on you and disappears into thin air.  No, really, he completely disappears.

With all the challenges and frustrations of dating in LA, it makes many single women in Los Angeles feel hopeless about dating and meeting quality men… Right?

Well, that’s why single women in Los Angeles need the help of a professional matchmaker with years of experience and success in creating compatible matches.

Why, you ask?

Because working with a professional matchmaker is the easiest way to meet quality men in LA.

Matchmakers only work with relationship-minded men.

Our matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service only take on male clients who are serious about finding love.  What does this mean to you?  It means you can join us knowing that every man you meet is serious about finding love.

Because our male clients have invested money on a matchmaking membership, you know they are serious and committed to finding love.

The men who hire matchmakers are tired of the dating games too.

Our matchmaking service isn’t free, so if a man is willing to pay our fee, that’s means he’s invested—literally—in finding the perfect woman.  He is tired of playing dating games—just like you—and wants to find a woman to settle down with, which takes us to the next point.

The men who hire matchmakers are ready to settle down.

The men who hire our dating and introductions services here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service are tired of dating multiple women.  They are successful individuals like yourself who have advanced in their careers and are at a point where they’re looking to start a family.  If you want to settle down and start your own family, then our matchmaking service is perfect for you.

The men who hire matchmakers are successful in life.

When one of our matchmakers sets up a date on your behalf, you can rest assured that the man you’re going to meet is successful and accomplished.  Because our matchmaking service doesn’t just let Joe Schmoe join, you can date with peace of mind in knowing our male clients are highly desirable individuals.

Are you tired of dating in Los Angeles?  Are you frustrated with the men you keep meeting on your own?  Then it’s time to give us a call and try our matchmaking service today.  Stop wasting your time with Mr. Right now and find Mr. Right with our expert help.

Are you ready to join our exclusive matchmaking service and meet the right man?  Simply fill out the confidential survey at the top of the page to reserve your FREE consultation with one of our expert matchmakers today.

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