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As LA’s #1 dating service, we have a lot of conversations with women regarding the men they’re just starting to date or the one they’ve been with for years.  They often tell us that their man is not as verbal as they wish he would be.  Most women want a man who says those three magical words often; after all, who doesn’t want to feel loved and adored?  But as matchmakers, we know that just because a guy doesn’t verbalize it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his partner.

Did you know that actions speak louder than words?  Well, they do.  Today, our professional matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles are going to show you other ways men show their love for a woman.

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1. He cooks dinner for you just because.

Yes, this might sound cliché, but what woman doesn’t love to have a man cook for her?  This is especially true if you’ve been together for years.  It’s not like he’s trying to impress like he did during the early stages of your relationship.  He’s doing it because he actually cares for you and wants to put a genuine smile on your face.  Sometimes, after a stressful day at work, a nice home-cooked meal is exactly what you need to unwind and let the stress fade away.

He already knows your favorite meals and probably even learned the recipes from you.  Now he just rolled up his sleeves and made you something delicious out of nowhere.  Even if it’s a little under seasoned or overcooked, you still love it because it came from him.

2. He cares about your interests.

You’re obsessed with yoga.  Your boyfriend could care less about yoga.  But even though he doesn’t like yoga himself, he still encourages you to pursue it.  Maybe he’s even gone with you to a few yoga sessions, and that right there shows how much he cares.

You love to read in the afternoons, so he always asks you about your latest book and how the story is coming along.  You love shopping on the weekends, so he tags along with you when he can because he knows you don’t like to shop alone.

One of the ways men show their love for a woman is by doing things they don’t like just to make her happy.  Your man doesn’t roll his eyes or scoff when he does something he doesn’t like.  He simply does it because he knows it makes you happy.  He respects your hobbies and interests and encourages you to pursue them.

3. He values your opinion.

He’s thinking about a career change or maybe going back to school, so who does he go to for advice?  YOU.  He isn’t asking your permission or running it by you.  He genuinely wants to know where you stand because your opinion is important to him.  His future will affect you, so he values what you have to say.

Whatever he is doing in life, he always wants to know your input and takes it into consideration before he makes up his mind.  He’s not single anymore, the two of you are a team, which is why he comes to you when he makes important life decisions.  This is a strong sign of commitment and partnership, and it means he truly loves you.

4. He opens up to you.

As the leading VIP matchmakers in Los Angeles, we know it takes a lot for men to open up to a woman.  And when it happens, that’s a surefire sign of love.  Sometimes it’s hard for men to open up about their feelings because they would rather keep it inside.  When your boyfriend opens up to you, it means he trusts you and is willing to let his guard down.  If he has shared his feelings, his future, and other things that scare him, then he’s telling you that he loves you.

He isn’t afraid to show you his vulnerable side and let you see him sad or hurting.  He knows that you will understand him and support him no matter what is going on in his life.  His willingness to be vulnerable with you is a sign your relationship is on the right track.  Men do not open up to just anyone, so take it as a sign of love.

5. He gets along with your family.

There is nothing in life more important than our family, and if your boyfriend loves you, then he will also love them.  If your boyfriend takes your family seriously and is willing to do what it takes to get along with them, that’s a good sign.  He takes your little brother fishing at the pond behind your parent’s house, he runs around passing football with your cousins at family get togethers, and he shares a few chuckles with your dad while grilling burgers.  These are all signs that he’s planning on sticking around for the long term.

He even ensures that he takes care of the little ones, such as your cats and dog.  Your boyfriend has no problem waking up early to take the dog for a walk or clean the cat’s litter box.  Nothing says I love you more than helping you take care of your loved ones.

6. He always makes time for you.

Your boyfriend doesn’t look forward to going out with the guys every weekend; instead, he sets time aside to spend with you.  When he does go out with his friends, he always makes sure he takes a few minutes to send you a text and let you know what he is up to.  Your boyfriend checks up with you throughout the day for no reason at all, and everything he does puts a smile on your face.

He wants to see how your day is going and shares a bit of his day with you.  Even when his boss just gave him a big project, he still manages to set a few minutes aside to talk to you.  When he knows you’re super busy at work, he brings you lunch just because.  No matter what is going on in each of your lives, he makes time to catch up with you.  Now that’s a true sign of love.

Your boyfriend doesn’t have to say I love you all the time to prove he loves you.  A man who loves you will make you feel it in his own way by doing some of the things our matchmakers mentioned above.  When he truly loves you, you’ll know it from his actions.

If you’re not having any luck meeting commitment-minded men in LA, let our dating experts here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service introduce you to compatible guys around your busy schedule.

Simply fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation today.  It’s time to outsource your romantic life to the top VIP matchmakers in Los Angeles and find the man of your dreams today!


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