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Online dating and mobile dating apps might be the most popular way of dating in Los Angeles, but just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they work.  Although there have been a few success stories here and there, the internet and mobile devices aren’t designed to find true love in LA.  For one, online dating sites and mobile dating apps are impersonal, time-consuming, and risky.

Putting yourself out there on the internet can expose you to unwanted attention from undesirable candidates.  If you are serious about finding love in LA, you probably thought about turning to a professional matchmaking service in Los Angeles because you’ve heard many success stories.

For singles with discriminating tastes, matchmaking services, like Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, offer an easy way of dating and meeting like-minded individuals in a private and confidential way.  In fact, here at Los Angeles Singles, we only work with elite men and women who are looking for true love.  If you have been thinking about turning to a matchmaker, let us show you the benefits of outsourcing your love life to a professional matchmaking service in Los Angeles.

reasons to use a matchmaker in los angeles

Unbeatable Matchmaking Benefits

You’re looking for love in Los Angeles, but your email is filled with messages from people who are only after hookups and casual flings.  You’re through wasting your time at the local bars and clubs, and you can’t imagine another date with someone your coworkers set you up with.  If you are serious about finding love in LA, let us show you what our professional matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles can do for you.  If the following points apply to you, then our professional matchmaking services will be the best investment you can make.

  • You’ve been there and done that and are sick and tired of meeting people who aren’t serious about dating.  The LA dating scene doesn’t excite you anymore.


  • You’re finally ready to settle down with your ideal partner and spend your weekends snuggled up together watching movies at home.


  • Making an investment in your love life will not hurt your finances.


  • You’ve tried the usual places to meet singles in LA but nothing seems to work and you’re ready to meet like-minded people.


  • You’re ready to let someone else do the hard part of dating for you because your schedule doesn’t allow you to do it on your own.

Our matchmakers are ethical, experienced, and ready to put our knowledge to work to help you find love.  Our dedicated matchmakers know exactly how chemistry works and will find you matches with whom you’ll be compatible.  Our matchmakers are skilled at understanding our client needs and do an incredible job fulfilling them.  We know that people come in all different shapes and sizes, which is why we customize dating plans for each and every one of our clients.

Matchmaking Makes Dating in LA Safe

Do you consider yourself a loser if you turn to a professional matchmaker?  Absolutely not!  There are so many eager love seekers in our database who are ready to meet you.  Our matchmaking firm has been thriving in business for nearly 30 years.  In fact, it has become more popular in recent years and attracted many singles in LA.  Some of the most successful marriages and relationships have come from the hard work of our matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service.

Matchmaking Provides Personal Guidance

With an online dating site or mobile dating app, you’re basically left on your own to figure out who is the perfect fit for you.  Many people, especially mature individuals, can find this weeding out process to be a bit overwhelming.  If you make an investment in your love life and hire one of our expert matchmakers, you’ll benefit from their expertise and well-honed intuition to find you your perfect partner.

Matchmaking Provides Hand-selected Matches

Are you sick and tired of meeting people with whom you have nothing in common with?  Tired of meeting players, duds, and undesirable candidates?  Don’t worry, because our matchmaking service will provide you hand-selected matches based on what you desire in a partner.  More importantly, we’ll find you dates you’ll be compatible with on many levels.  Our matchmakers will match you with someone who will complement and enhance your life.

Matchmaking Includes Rigorous Screening & Background

A very important part of dating is knowing whether a potential suitor is a good candidate for you.  Our exclusive matchmaking service has a very thorough background and screening process that every client must pass to ensure they’re fit to date our existing clients.  With online dating sites and mobile dating apps, there is no screening process—you don’t know who you’re meeting or what their true intentions are with you.  With us, your safety is guaranteed.

If you’re looking to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right in Los Angeles and don’t feel comfortable turning to online dating sites or swiping right on mobile dating apps, then a professional matchmaking service, like Los Angeles Singles, will be ideal for you.

Los Angeles Singles will provide you with a safe, private, and effective way of dating in Los Angeles.  We have a team of skilled matchmakers who are ready to put their experience to use to help you find the love you yearn for.

Los Angeles Singles is an upscale, boutique-style matchmaking service in Los Angeles designed to help selective singles in LA find true love.  We have Los Angeles’ largest private database of accomplished single men and women who are looking to settle down.  Let us be the professional matchmaking service that finally finds your true love.  To experience a truly exclusive way of dating in LA, contact Los Angeles Singles today and reserve a 90 minute complimentary consultation with one of our passionate matchmakers.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to get started today!

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