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As a Redondo Beach matchmaking service, we know people always come into our lives for some reason or another. Whether they will bring a lesson or a blessing. Whether they stay in our lives for one hour or for all of eternity.

You can tell if they are meant to be in your life, or if it’s time to walk away. With the new year here, it’s the perfect time for some deep thinking and reflection. It’s a great time to evaluate your life and those in it.

Are you wondering if your relationship is happy and healthy. Do you want to know if you’re meant to be?

5 Signs It’s Meant to Be

Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers are going to reveal the top signs you’re meant to be together. Trust us, as a Redondo Beach matchmaking service with over 30 years in the business of love, we know a thing or two about love.

1. They are polite to you.

Polite people tend to be that way because they are genuinely nice. The great thing about people who are polite is they are willing to consider things from a different point of view. They tend to be better communicators and are also able to keep their temper under control. This is especially important in a romantic partnership.

If you landed a partner who is polite to you and to others, not just the people they like, you have yourself a keeper.

Don’t let them go. They’re among the most likely to produce a happy and successful relationship.

2. They value the relationship.

New relationships are supposed to be fun and exciting. Both parties are happy to be together and love spending time as a couple.

It’s easy to tell if they’re excited about the relationship. You can sense their excitement for you, and they can’t stop talking about you to their friends.

If your partner is s always working on the relationship and is genuinely happy to be with you, the relationship is more likely to be successful. Remember, both of you must put in the same amount of effort in order to keep the relationship alive.

3. They encourage growth in the relationship.

Anyone who encourages growth in the relationship is a keeper. Change isn’t always easy, and it takes a big person to understand that it is both necessary and important.

If your partner is always supportive of your goals and dreams and encourages you to go after them, it’s a great sign that your relationship will last.

Our Redondo Beach matchmaking service knows that supportiveness is one of the best traits to look for in a romantic partner.

4. They are willing to talk about difficult issues.

One of the greatest signs of a relationship working out is being able to talk through the difficult times.

Some people might clam up, and that’s really not uncommon. On the other hand, a mature person will have no problem talking about the bigger issues in the relationship. They will have no issues with voicing their opinion and thoughts with you.

This type of interaction is evidence of their true commitment to you and the relationship. It might not be a surefire way to tell you’ll spend the rest of your life with them, but it’s a great sign that indicates that you have someone worth your time.

5. They completely accept you and you them.

There is no greater feeling than being comfortable and able to be yourself with someone else. If you’re comfortable being yourself with your partner, that’s a great sign you’re a great match.

If you feel safe and can be vulnerable together, that’s wonderful news. Neither of you is afraid the other is judging them or nitpicking things they do. When you’re truly meant to be together, you’ll both accept each other, flaws and all. After all, nobody is perfect. However, in a meant-to-be relationship, you accept each other’s flaws and love them regardless.

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