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When you hear the word depression, what things pop up in your mind? Crying yourself to sleep at night, not wanting to eat or go out with your friends, wanting to cry in bed and do nothing all weekend long, feeling empty down to the marrow of your bones, feeling anxious, paranoid… And the list goes on.

But sometimes, depression is much deeper than that because sometimes it isn’t really recognized by unshed tears or feeling numb or skipped meals. In those times, it becomes a silent monster that lives inside of you, deep down inside where you don’t even know it until it’s too late. You may feel alone among a wide group of people with your loved ones right beside you yet so far away from you too.

You’ll be smiling and all of the sudden you realize that your partner doesn’t make you feel the same butterflies you used to feel in the early stages of your relationship. It may hit slowly or all at once. That’s why depression is so hard to get down to; after all, it can be invisible in many instances.

Today, our Malibu matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will show you the telltale warning signs your relationship is causing you to feel sad and depressed deep inside.

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1. Lots of Complaining & Blaming

If your partner doesn’t give you feedback but only criticizes you, that’s not a good sign. It causes problems in a relationship because telling someone what they’re doing is wrong just puts them down, and that’s criticism now. Feedback, on the other hand, tells the other person in a nice way what they’re doing is wrong and how they can improve it. If there is just a lot of complaining, blaming, and putting each other down, it’s time for a serious talk.

2. Too Much Bossing Each Other Around

Constantly being told what to do will make you feel like your partner doesn’t respect you. It’s always better to ask. If your partner is bossing you around and ordering you to do things for them, it’s no wonder you are depressed. Go get me a beer, will you? Sounds kind of demoralizing, doesn’t it? But all jokes aside, you need to have a serious discussion about the way your partner is treating you. Maybe they’ve grown so comfortable in the relationship that they don’t even realize what they’re doing. Let them know you feel they’re taking you for granted, or downright disrespecting you.

3. Controlling Attitude

If your partner is deciding how you’re going to spend your free time, which friends to hang out with, when to hang out with them, what places to visit, what you eat, and what not to do could make you feel like a caged bird. If you feel depressed, it’s because your partner is controlling you.

If you don’t have a say in even the basic things in your life, because they’re so compulsive and controlling, then it will make you feel left out in the relationship and less and less like an individual, hence leading you to feel depressed. With your partner taking away your freedom in such a way and not letting you contribute to making decisions jointly with them, depression will come over you like a storm, silent yet sudden and very destructive, with long-lasting effects.

Do you notice any of these three red flags in your relationship? Then it’s time you talk to your partner about their disrespectful ways today. If they’re not willing to change, it’s time to get out and get back to your happy-go-lucky self before you lose that person completely.

If you’re tired of being in a toxic relationship, contact our Malibu matchmakers today and let us help you find true love. You deserve a happy and loving relationship in which both partners love each other equally. If your relationship is making you feel depressed, leave now. Let us introduce you to quality singles in Los Angeles who are fit to date and compatible with you. Let us help you find the love you deserve!

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