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As Malibu matchmakers with 30 years of experience in the LA dating industry, we know it’s not easy to put yourself out there, especially with all the competition in the modern dating scene. From not knowing if he’s checking you out to if you should approach and what to talk about if you do, it’s frustrating for single women in Los Angeles today.

But don’t worry, here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, our professional matchmakers have helped many single women in LA overcome their dating fears, and we’re confident we can help you too. Get ready as our Malibu matchmakers reveal our favorite conversation starters to chat it up with a hottie you like.

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1. Ask Him If You’ve Met

This one is quick and easy. When you spot a guy who catches your eye, simply glance over at him like you recognize him from somewhere. Hold your gaze as you walk over and ask him if you’ve met somewhere before. Tell him you feel like you know him from somewhere and see where it goes from there.

If he tells you that he doesn’t know you or that he doesn’t believe you’ve met, gauge his reaction to you. Does he seem intrigued? Even if he can see right through your line, if he’s into you too, he’ll surely be flattered by your confident approach.

2. Get Flirty, Maintain Eye Contact, & Flash a Big Smile

One of our best kept secrets for women to strike up conversation with men is simply to get the guy to do the approaching. But how do you do that? Well, the key is to give him the go ahead to approach you, which you can easily do by making yourself look warm, friendly, and inviting. This will take the pressure off him and let him know he’s cool to approach.

You can do this by giving him a few glances and a genuine smile. Warning, though, if you’re with a big group of friends, he might not feel so confident to approach, which means it’s up to you to make it easier for him. Leave your group of friends for a minute as you excuse yourself to use the ladies’ room or to make a phone call. Breaking away from the big, scary pack will give him the opportunity he needs to come up to you.

3. Be the Damsel in Distress

Okay, not really, you don’t want to play the victim and make yourself like you need a man to rescue you. However, every guy loves the opportunity to step in and help a woman when she could use a hand, so use this to your advantage.

Whether it’s helping you lift your heavy piece of new furniture in your car, using his phone to make a call because you locked yourself out, or simply picking up your keys that fell and slid under your car, politely ask him for a hand. Believe us, this will make his day.

4. Ask to Join Him

This one is so casual and easy to pull off, especially when traveling via public transportation. Really, it doesn’t get any easier than this. The bus station, train station, or airport, you really can’t go wrong. Make eye contact, give him a warm and friendly smile, and ask if that seat is taken or if you can sit next to him. If he’s glad to have you join him, he’ll take the conversation from here.

5. Use the Circumstances Around You

Again, this one depends on where you’re at, what you’re doing, and who’s around you. But this is one great way to strike up a conversation with a guy. If you’re standing in line at the supermarket, simply ask him to pass you the separator for the counter, or politely see if he will place your empty basket on the floor. In line at the DMV? Make a silly comment about missing the afternoon at work because of the long line ahead of you.

6. Come Right Out with It

This one is for those of you who are bolder and have a sense of humor. If you’ve seen a guy checking you out (or not), look at him and say something along the lines of, “So, I’ve been watching you check me out.” Just make sure you say it in a comical way and that you’re not coming off as snooty. This will make any guy chuckle in embarrassment. But he’ll probably think you’re pretty bold and funny and want to continue conversation with you. After all, not just any woman would have the guts to come and say this! This will also make you memorable in his mind.

So there you have it, ladies, six simple ways to strike up a conversation with a guy. Use these tips from our Malibu matchmakers and try to have fun with it.

If you’re single and searching, contact our professional matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service today and let us do the hard part of dating for you. Let us do the scouting and screening and introduce you to quality single men in Los Angeles who are fit to date and compatible with you.

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