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Relationships are a lifetime commitment, and when it comes to the matter of a life partner, it’s crucial to know you’re with the right person. You need to be with a woman who understands you, loves you, and cares for you; otherwise, you won’t have a happy relationship.

But how do you know you’re dating the right woman? This is an all too familiar question that many men ask themselves. To help you figure out how your girlfriend measures up, our Malibu matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles will show you the telltale warning signs you’re dating Mrs. Wrong.

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1. She Tries to Force You to Change

You try wearing your jeans like you normally do, but she insists you wear khakis. You reach into your drawer to grab a T-shirt, but she insists you wear a button-up. When you’re ordering an item from the menu at your favorite restaurant, she interrupts you and wants you to order a salad instead. She tells you that you can’t order that burger you wanted because it will make you gain weight. She proceeds to order you a salad. The list goes on and on. She is forcing you into being a perfect man—or at least her idea of the perfect man. If you are with a woman who wants to change you, walk away. You want a partner who accepts and love you for who you are, not what they can mold you in to being.

2. You Don’t Like Her Friends

Pay attention to who your girlfriend’s friends are. Is she hanging around with a bunch of party girls? Then you can bet she’s partying with them, even if she promises you she’s not. If her friends are a bunch of gold diggers who chase men with money, be careful, because she might be the same way too. Everyone knows that birds of a feather flock together. Remember, her friends are a representation of who she is as a woman.

3. She Doesn’t Care About Your Opinion

In a healthy and happy relationship, both partners care what the other thinks. They ask each other’s opinion and weigh in with their own. Not even in the most perfect relationship will partners always agree, but there is a healthy understanding of each other’s wants and dreams. In a bad relationship, your partner will not care about your opinion let alone take it into consideration. She’ll do what she wants—when she wants—and your opinion will not matter. If your girlfriend doesn’t respect or value your opinion, then you’re dating Mrs. Wrong.

4. The World Revolves Around Her

When the two of you are spending time together, all she does is talk about herself. She talks about the things she wants and needs. She tells you what she expects from you. She often promises you the world, but first you have to give her what she wants. The game of self-love and demands will continue for the remainder of your relationship, and she’ll never be happy with the love and attention you give her because she’ll always want more. Needless to say, this will be a very unfulfilling relationship.

5. You’re Always Fighting

There are many couples who go through problems in their relationship—with a lot of shouting and screaming. But healthy couples work through those problems in a respectful way. Then there are those couples who argue all the time and nothing ever gets fixed. They shout and carry on every day. This type of conflict isn’t healthy because there is no resolution. If you’re with a woman who is always picking fights with you, then it’s best to walk away and end the relationship so you can each find the partner you’re meant to be with.

So tell us, how does your girlfriend measure up? Is she Mrs. Right or Mrs. Wrong? Only you know.

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