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Are you one of the thousands of singles looking for love in LA? Are you starting to feel down and out about your romantic luck?

Here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we know love can be a painful thing. This is especially true when you’re struggling to find it.

After you’ve had many relationships end in horrible ways, it’s easier to blame bad luck for your string of bad relationships. We get it. But the sad truth is, you could actually be the main culprit in your love life.

There may be such a thing as bad luck in the dating world, but that isn’t always the only problem.

Today, our expert matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles are going to reveal the real reasons you can’t find love in LA.

1. You only focus on the outside.

Good looking people are wonderful! There’s nothing quite like going out with someone who is very hot and attractive. It’s nice to be able to turn heads together as you walk into the restaurant. The problem with only focusing on the outside is that you never get to see the inside. This isn’t to suggest that all good-looking people are bad dating candidates. However, it is to suggest that you must try to get to know the inside of them. If you’re focused on their looks, it’s hard to develop a deeper attraction. Being caught up in the attention you get together doesn’t allow you to get to know them personally to develop something serious.

2. You think you can change them.

Oh, silly you for believing this! How many more times are you going to go for that wounded bird and try to help them fly? Enough is enough already. You’ve done it many times before and it never works out for you. You can’t change people. You may be able to tweak them a little, and that’s great. But in many, if not all cases, that’s not enough for someone who’s really messed up inside.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t be looking for a project. You should be looking for someone with whom you have a real connection, someone you’re already attracted to. You don’t want to chase after people in hopes of fixing them.

3. You lack self-confidence.

People with low self-confidence tend to sell themselves short and end up settling for the wrong partners. When you settle, you’re essentially going for people who not only don’t deserve you but aren’t ready to give you what you want.

With that being said, you can’t expect this type of relationship to last. No one will ever say that creating self-confidence is a walk in the park. But it’s when you become aware of the fact that you need to work on your self-esteem that you’ll see changes. You’ll see that bad dating luck disappear from your life.

4. You haven’t learned from previous relationships.

Come on now! If you don’t walk away from every relationship – or ever casual flings – learning a few valuable lessons, then you’re doing everything wrong. Even with the good relationships, there’s always something to be learned. Similarly, you should be applying these lessons to your next relationship.

This fact becomes two-fold when it’s been a terrible relationship. Don’t let yourself fall into the same cycle of bad dating luck because you’re either too lazy or apathetic to learn from previous relationships.

5. You ignore red flags.

Honestly, we have no sympathy for anyone who sees a dating red flag and chooses to ignore it. If you see a red flag and shrug it off, that’s one thing. If you start seeing many red flags and keep dating that person, that’s absurd. You don’t get to claim that you’re having bad luck in dating when you clearly see those red flags and keep dating them.

When you see red flags, it’s time to walk away. You don’t want to waste your precious time with the wrong partner. That’s how you get hurt over and over again. This is when dating becomes frustrating and depressing.

If you’re not having any luck on your search for love, these are the real reasons why. We encourage you to really think about your dating life and evaluate what’s really going on. It’s never too late to make changes and turn your romantic luck around.

Single and ready to turn your dating luck in your favor? Contact our Los Angeles matchmakers today and let us help you find the one. Let Los Angeles Singles Dating Service help you pinpoint your dating obstacles and provide the dating coaching you need to find love in LA.

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