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Ahh, the ever-so-cowardly act of ghosting. Ghosting wasn’t a big thing back in the day, but as the idea of being chivalrous – a true gentleman – went out the window a few years back, in came the clever – and cowardly – dating pullaway too many guys are using today. But why? Why do guys really ghost?

Is there someone new? Did he get bored and decide to explore his options? Did he go away on vacation and forget about you? Hmm, maybe he just lost your number? Not likely. Ahh, or is he just a coward?

Sure, we’ve all had a few people we innocently just lost touch with when the connection fizzled out. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about when everything is going smooth as butter – and you think things are really heading somewhere. But suddenly, he’s gone.

The Effects of Ghosting

Ghosting truly is one of the worst things a guy can do to a woman. It leaves lingering effects that are painful and confusing. Since there wasn’t a fight, a discussion, and certainly not a breakup, it leaves you waiting… wondering. It really doesn’t give you any kind of closure. This lingering feeling is gut-wrenching and can lead to a lot of self-doubt.

This lack of closure, this failure of saying goodbye leaves you wondering why? What happened? What went wrong? Was it something you said? Something you did? What in the heck happened? It leaves you paralyzed and unable to truly move on.

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So, since it’s so painful for women, why do guys do it?

The Truth Revealed: Why Guys Really Ghost!

As a Los Angeles matchmaking service with 30 years in the LA dating industry, we know why, and although these reasons don’t justify this terrible dating phenomenon, these are the most common excuses men have for up and disappearing.

1. Laziness

Once a guy gets bored and loses interest in you, he might feel it’s easier to just fade away. Yeah, that means not answering or returning your calls. How sweet, right? Or, he might not even feel that whatever you had together even deserves an explanation. Ouch!

2. Fear

Nope, he’s not afraid of catching feelings for you. Uh-uh, he’s scared of confronting you. That’s right, he’s so cowardly that he can’t even extend you a quick: “I’m sorry, I’m just not feeling this anymore,” or, “I’m sorry, but I met someone else.”

Although you might really appreciate his honest approach, in the back of his mind he’s thinking you might lose your cool – or worse, that you might question why.

3. Options, Options, Options

That’s right, it’s as simple as that, ladies. He’s keeping his options open for the future. But could this be any stupider? Really? Yep, really. A lot of guys ignorantly think that if they don’t end it with you that they’ll be able to hit you up a few months later and pick things back up. What kind of thinking is this?

Perhaps if they were honest and forthright from the get-go and came out and told you the timing is bad or they’re not sure where things are headed but that they wanted to remain friends and see what the future brings, then maybe you wouldn’t be so hurt and resentful later on – and you really could revisit your romantic past.

4. To Spare Your Feelings

Well, this isn’t a good reason to ghost, because it, in fact, ends up hurting you more. But needless to say, many men will fade away and drop off the planet out of fear of hurting you. But, boy, they couldn’t be more wrong.

5. No Time

Everyone is busy in today’s world. But it only takes a few measly minutes for a phone call or even a simple text.

Although these reasons don’t make it right, there you have it, ladies, the truth as to why men ghost. Now, don’t get us wrong, this is just the very tip of the iceberg, as there are many more reasons they take the cowardly way out.

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