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Sex is wonderful and all, but true intimacy has nothing to do with sex. Sex is only one part of intimacy, but there are many other ways to be intimate. You can experience a real and genuine connection with your partner without having sex. Yes, you heard that right. There are many ways to be intimate with your partner, and none of them require taking your clothes off.

Let our Los Angeles matchmaking experts here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service show you the non-sexual ways to create intimacy in your relationship.

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1. Cooks Meals Together

While at first glance this might not sound like the most intimate activity, don’t knock it because it’s actually a great way to get close with your partner and bond together. Think about it: you’re going to spend a few hours preparing a meal together, especially if you’re cooking it from scratch. Between picking a recipe, heading to the grocery store, preparing and chopping, you’ll be together for a while. The best part about cooking with your partner is stopping every few minutes to steal a kiss. See, that’s intimacy right there.

2. Talk About Your Family Backgrounds

When you share childhood memories—from funny moments you had growing up to family drama and sad stories—you’re being intimate with your partner and developing a stronger bond. You are showing them who you used to be and are explaining how you got to where you are today. If they also open up to you and share their experiences, that’s great. After all, that’s the whole goal here.

3. Share Your Embarrassing Stories

Everyone has a few embarrassing stories that no one talks about. But sharing them with your partner will help you develop a stronger bond. By the end, you’ll both be laughing until you cry.

4. Tell Them Why You Love Them

This might be easy for you if you’re comfortable opening up, or it might be difficult and uncomfortable for you to do. This just depends on what type of person you are and how close you are with your partner. Some couples open up easily and are able to tell exchange feelings, while others are less touchy-feely. If your boyfriend or girlfriend tells you how they feel all the time, you should do the same for them and tell them why you love them in detail. You are going to feel a hundred times closer to each other if you’re both able to openly express your love for one another.

5. Send Thoughtful Messages Throughout the Day

It would be wonderful if you could see your partner 24/7, but since we all have jobs and lives, that’s impossible to do. However, you can still stay in touch with them through text message. You might already be doing that, but you’re probably not texting them sweet nothings throughout the day. Give it a try, you’ll wonder why you never did it before. It’s seriously very intimate and your partner will love it too.

6. Spend the Day in Bed

Spend the day in bed in a non-sexual way. Literally, lie in bed with your partner, watch TV, and chat the day away. There’s nothing more romantic than lying next to each other and enjoying one another’s company without a distraction in the world.

7. Have a Conversation About the Future

Who doesn’t want to talk about the future? Once you’re with the right person, talking about the future should come easily. A great way to increase your relationship intimacy is by talking about the future together. Maybe you want to move into a condo next year or plan your first vacation as a couple. It’s very important to keep building your bond in getting close to each other no matter how long you’ve been together.

8. Get Comfy in Silence

You know that you’re in a real relationship when you can enjoy each other’s company without saying anything at all. Being comfortable sitting in silence is perhaps the most intimate thing you can do. It’s like you can say all that you need to say without saying a word.

See, it’s not hard to create intimacy with your partner. Don’t let a rut ruin your relationship. Start incorporating these secrets from our Los Angeles matchmaking team now and increase the intimacy in your relationship in no time.

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