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Every couple goes through times when one partner gets irritated for no apparent reason. If your partner seems to be getting huffy and puffy with you lately, then don’t dismiss it without examining why. Our Los Angeles dating experts here at LA Singles know there may be a reason they’re getting annoyed all the time, and it could be something you’re saying.

Some people are quickly set off by a simple phrase or even just a word. It can be hard to determine what you said that irritated your partner. Some people get annoyed when their partner rushes them, while others get annoyed when their partner tells them what to do. Are you ready to find out why your partner may be getting upset with you lately?


Phrases That Will Irritate Your Partner

While some phrases might seem harmless to you, they could irritate the life out of your partner. And saying them too often could end up causing a lot of tension and arguments in your relationship. Today, our Los Angeles dating experts here at LA Singles Dating Service have composed a list of the top phrases that annoy people in relationships. If you catch yourself saying these things, retract. Otherwise, you could end up in an argument with your partner.

1. “Did you do it yet?”

This question is usually in reference to a chore, a favor, or something you asked your partner to do. It’s the type of question that can spark an argument in no time. Your partner will likely snap back with an answer something along the lines of, “I said I would do it, right?”

If there is one thing we know, it’s that nobody likes to be nagged, and that’s what this questions feels like when you’re on the receiving end.

It also means that you don’t trust your partner to complete something you asked them to do. So not only is your partner getting annoyed because you’re nagging them, but they’re also realizing that you don’t trust them to complete the task you asked them to do.

2. “Why?”

This question might sound simple and straightforward to you, but it might be offensive to your partner. Asking why is completely okay in certain scenarios, but if you say it in a snappy way, then your partner is bound to get irritated and upset.

3. “You’re identical to your mother/father.”

No one likes to be compared to their mom or dad, especially because this one is not usually used in a complimentary way. When you say something like this, you’re most likely insulting your partner and bound to cause an immediate argument.

4. “You never…”

The first thing you need to understand is that starting any phrase with “You never” is bound to cause problems. You are already starting out with a negative tone by telling them they’re doing something wrong. This accusatory phrase is bound to get our partner upset and cause an argument. Instead, our Los Angeles dating experts suggest you use something like, “I feel” rather than start out with “you.” If you tell your partner that they never take you out to eat, you’re insulting them. But if you say, “I feel we don’t go out to eat enough,” it’s a better way to say it.

5. “… For once.”

Adding “for once” at the end of whatever you’re saying is bound to annoy the life out of your partner. Why? Because you’re insulting him or her. A very common example would be, “Would you just listen to me… for once?”

You’re immediately indicating that your partner never listens to you. Wouldn’t you get mad if they said the same thing to you?

6. “Just calm down.”

Another surefire way to cause tension is telling your partner to calm down, which makes people get upset for many reasons. First of all, you’re telling them they’re being irrational or acting out of control. And to make matters worse, you’re dismissing their feelings.

7. “Okay, fine.”

Everyone who has been in a relationship knows that when their partner says, “Okay, fine” things are not fine. We shouldn’t have to tell you that this one is frustrating and bound to irritate your partner. They know it’s not fine and will get highly annoyed by you brushing them off like this. If something is going through your mind, or you’re upset about something, our Los Angeles dating coaches encourage you to speak up and fix the problem. Don’t make a bigger problem out of it by telling your partner things are fine.

8. “Whatever.”

This phrase is very similar to the one above, and everyone knows that when their partner says this, things are not okay. Brushing something off with this phrase is simply leaving important issues left untouched. You’re leaving your partner hanging and they’re going to think you don’t care about them or that you don’t want to solve the problem—two very irritating things.

9. “Do whatever… you want.”

This phrase is another automatic argument starter. Why? Because it’s irritating. Your partner already knows they can’t do whatever they want and you’re insinuating that you don’t really care what they do.

10. “Sure.”

This is another annoying phrase for many reasons. And what does it really mean? Does it mean yes or does it mean no? It is an unclear phrase that will leave your partner wondering. It’s also a very nonchalant word. This vague and snappy word will show your partner that you don’t really care.

If your notice that your partner has been irritated with you lately, then it might be because you’re saying some of the phrases above. If you’re guilty of using the above phrases, it’s time to cut them from your vocabulary. Try to avoid annoying your partner by skipping over these phrases whenever you can. If there is something bothering you, fix the problem, but don’t rely on these phrases to get your partner heated up.

Do you have any other phrases that get you heated up? Our Los Angeles dating coaches would love to hear from you on our Facebook page—let us know so we can help our readers avoid making the same mistakes.

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