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You and your lady are having a great time together when all the sudden you say or do something that irritates her. How can you tell? Simple, she has not said a word to you in the last half an hour and it feels like you’re pulling teeth to get her to say something to you.

This can be frustrating for you. And our Los Angeles matchmakers know there is nothing worse than feeling you’re not being heard, that you’re being shut out, and like your partner is purposely trying to hurt your feelings. While this article is written to help men, both sexes are capable of giving the silent treatment (and it’s no fun for anyone). So what do you do when your girlfriend has stopped talking to you? How can you get through to her?

Today, our expert matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles will show you why she gave you the silent treatment and how to deal with it correctly without doing any more damage.

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Why Is She Giving You the Silent Treatment?

1. She doesn’t know how to say what she wants.

This is one of the top reasons women give the silent treatment. Although she might enjoy talking with you on a regular basis, right now you could have said something to upset her. If she’s upset and doesn’t know how to say what she wants, this could be why she’s opting to give you the silent treatment and hoping you figure out what you did wrong on your own.

2. She thinks you’re not listening to her.

If you’re not hearing what your girlfriend is saying, or you’re always changing the subject when she speaks, she might have given up and chosen to give you the silent treatment instead.

3. She has nothing nice to say to you.

That old adage is true here, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything—and maybe she’s following that rule with you. She might be biting her tongue from snapping or saying something rude to you.

What to Do When Your Girlfriend Gives You the Silent Treatment

The silent treatment your girlfriend is giving you doesn’t have to ruin your evening or your weekend. Let our Los Angeles matchmakers show you how to properly handle the silent treatment and get back to your happy lives together.

1. Ignore her if you must.

If your girlfriend has chosen to push your buttons by giving you the silent treatment, then do the same thing in return. If you simply go about your day like the silent treatment doesn’t bother you, she might come to the conclusion that her childish behavior isn’t going to work and she’ll stop it.

After all, if the silent treatment doesn’t affect you, why would she continue on with it? However, we want you to beware as you don’t want to let this turn into a battle of who can give the other the silent treatment for the longest because she might just be the one to come out on top.

2. Don’t beg her to forgive you if not necessary.

This is not to say that you should not extend a sincere apology, especially if you have done something to her. Remember that there is obviously something wrong since she’s not speaking to you. But also know that if she’s known for being spoiled or for blowing situations out of control, begging her to speak to you will only encourage her to continue on with the silent treatment, as well as to revert to it again in the future.

3. Be calm and try to talk to her.

This is the mature thing to do when handling this type of situation. Most men aren’t capable of handling the silent treatment they receive from their girlfriends; some men panic and freeze and don’t know what to do. The best advice we can give you is to remain in control and always try to talk to her in a calm manner.

Be calm and patient and keep trying to resolve things in a mature way. Your woman will notice that your behavior has changed and will stop with the silent treatment.

Extra Note: remember that sometimes women rely on the silent treatment because they need time to cool off. So figure out if she is taking some time to cool off or just giving you the silent treatment out of spite.

4. Explain what her behavior is doing.

You need to let your girlfriend know that her silent treatment is not doing you any favors. Calmly explain to her that you find it very disrespectful and that you would like to take the mature road and discuss the situation. Tell her you would like to know what you’ve done wrong so you can work things out.

5. Use humor to your advantage.

This only works with certain types of people, but if you can get your girlfriend to laugh, then she might break off the silent treatment. After all, who can resist a good chuckle?

6. Offer an alternative to the silent treatment.

The obvious alternative is talking to you, but if your partner doesn’t want to do that, offer her a different option, such as walking away from you for ten minutes or communicating with you via text or email so she can pull all her thoughts into action instead of bottling them up inside.

Unfortunately, some people feel better expressing themselves via text messages. If your girlfriend is this type of person, then let her know that she can express herself via text if she doesn’t want to say it face to face. Tell her she can text you until she feels comfortable talking to you in person. Remember, as long as the communication is open, that’s all that matters, not how you establish it.

Our Los Angeles matchmakers know that receiving the silent treatment can hurt a lot, but if your partner truly loves you, you’ll find a way to convince her to stop playing this type of childish game. Remind her that the relationship is stronger when the two of you are communicating with one another, not pouting or bottling things up inside.

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