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Saying those three magic words is a huge deal in a relationship. For many people, it can be very difficult to get those sentimental words out. It not only takes a lot of courage to express your feelings, but for most people, it can be tough to know the perfect time to say them. You don’t want to scare your new partner away, and you don’t want to cause them to doubt you by waiting too long to say them.

But today we’re just going to focus on the signs it’s too early to say those magic words. After all, you definitely don’t want to say them too early because that can bring on a whole new set of complications in your new relationship.

As LA’s best matchmakers, we’re all about people expressing their feelings when it comes to dating. In fact, we recommend you to. However, many people say I love you say it way too early without truly feeling it. They often do it for other reasons. But no matter the reasons, it can definitely damage the relationship. Think about it: how would you feel if someone told you they loved you after just two or three weeks of dating? You would probably question their intentions, right?

There is no set time or magic formula to know the perfect time to say I love you because every relationship is different and every person is different. However, our expert matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service are here to help you know when it’s too early to say I love you and save you from a dating disaster.

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1. When you’ve only been dating for a short amount of time.

The ideal time to say I love you will vary from couple to couple. For some, it can take a few months, while for others up it may take up to a year. There are a ton of variables that come into the equation, such as how often you see each other, if you’re going on a lot of dates, and if you’re really compatible with each other.

Many people feel comfortable with each other at the six-month mark, and it’s at this time that they have no problems saying those words. So if you have only been dating this new person for a few weeks, you might want to hold back on saying those words because what you’re feeling right now is not love but rather infatuation.

2. When you haven’t fully gotten to know them.

Everyone has heard the statement: “To know me is to love me,” and there is a little bit of truth to that statement. In order to love someone, you need to know them. You need to know their core values, beliefs, priorities, passions, goals, aspirations, and everything there is to know about them. We use the word “love” a lot when we refer to food and clothing. Think about it, how many times have you said “I love Chinese” or “I love to eat sweets”? But when it comes to people, you need to be a little more cautious.

If you say the words I love you too early, you run the risk of scaring your new partner away. The butterflies you feel in your stomach aren’t love—again, it’s infatuation. As LA’s best matchmakers, we want you to hold back on saying those words until you have spent a solid amount of quality time together. You need to get to know them on a deeper level before you say those words.

3. When you’ve had too many drinks.

Okay, this one goes without saying, but you should never say those three little words after you’ve had too many drinks. Okay, so maybe a little liquid courage can help you say those three magic words when you’ve been trying to say it to a partner you’ve been with for months. Sure, liquid courage can help you if you have troubles expressing your feelings.

However, if you have only been seeing each other for a few weeks and you’ve had a few too many, you should never say I love you. You are simply infatuated with them and feeling an abundance of happiness from the early stages of your relationship.

Your partner is likely to be freaked out by this early I love you that came out of your mouth, and you will regret it when you wake up in the morning, along with the hangover from those tequila shots. Perhaps you want to sleep on it and see how you feel in the morning.

4. When you’re not exclusive with each other.

This one goes without saying, but there are a lot of people out there who are really clueless when it comes to saying I love you. Saying I love you for the first time is a huge milestone in a relationship and often symbolizes the relationship going to the next level. If you and your new partner haven’t discussed exclusivity yet, or you know they are seeing other people, it’s way too early to say I love you.

Chances are, your partner is not going to say it back and things are going to get awkward for you. This relationship could have had potential, but you put an end to it by saying I love you too early. You and your new partner need to have a discussion of whether or not you’re exclusive with each other, and if you’re not, do not say those words.

Saying those three little words too early can create a lot of drama in your relationship. It can be hard to figure out when it’s the perfect time to say them. We advise you to wait until you get to know your new partner better and give your relationship time to progress. You don’t want to scare your new partner away by coming off as too clingy or dropping the L-Bomb after three weeks of dating them. We’re already getting a headache just thinking about this. We hope we helped you figure out the time you shouldn’t say those words.

If you’re single and wishing to find a partner you can say those magic words to, let LA’s best matchmakers help you find the partner of your dreams.

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