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Going on a first date is like walking into the unknown. You want it to be light and fun but don’t want to fall into the dreaded friend zone. You also want it to be flirtatious, but not uncomfortable.

Do you talk about politics and religion? What about your family and friends? Better yet, how about your work?

Should you mention your exes? Do you ask about theirs?

Before we get into what to say on a first date, we should mention something you really need to avoid the first time you’re out together… your ex. Don’t get us wrong, because it’s one thing to talk about the fact that you got out of a relationship six months ago, but if you go on and on about your ex, that’s a major red flag.

Not only would this make your date think you’re still hung up on your ex, but also that you’re quite judgmental. So if you can’t keep the conversation about your ex to a minimum, just avoid the first date all together. Yeah, we’re serious because if you’re still hung up on your ex, then you really shouldn’t be jumping headfirst back into the LA dating scene.

Today, our LA matchmakers are going to show you what to say on a first date to pique their interest and spark a connection.

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1. Remember your manners.

This may be common sense for many, but forgetting to say the magic words (please and thank you) can really turn someone off. Whether you say thank you to your date for holding the door or your waiter or bartender for bringing your order, politeness never goes out of style.

2. Compliment their passion.

On a first date, chatting about your jobs and careers is pretty normal. And although you don’t want that to be the only topic of conversation, throw in a compliment or two. Your date will appreciate that you are actually listening to them talk about their job. It will go a long way in showing them that you’re interested and that you’ll be supportive of them if you do get into a relationship down the road.

3. Share something funny.

Having a go-to story is perfect for a first date. Whether you use it to fill an awkward silence or throw it into the conversation naturally, laughing always helps boost the fun on a first date. And connecting over a shared sense of humor is great. Whether it is an embarrassing high school story or an awful first date experience (something comical, not mean), this could help break the ice and get the ball rolling.

4. Bring up your deal breakers.

This is totally personal preference and depends whether you feel comfortable with this topic or not. In our opinion, when it comes to what to say on a first date, throwing your deal breakers out there from the start is useful, especially if you want a meaningful relationship. If you just want to have fun and aren’t serious, you can skip these.

5. Talk about your family.

Obviously if you have a strained family life, this may be something you want to keep to yourself for now. But family values are very important for a lot of people. Simply talking about how you’re close to your siblings and parents can show your date that family is very important to you.

And the same goes for their family. If they bring up their parents, siblings and cousins, let them know that means something to you too. Make sure they know that family is important to you.

Knowing what to say on a first date isn’t that tough. Remember your manners, stay away from taboo topics, and just try to keep things lighthearted so you both have a good time. Good luck and happy dating!

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