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From time to time in a relationship, you may notice that your boyfriend is acting differently. There could me many reasons why this may be happening, but one explanation for his weird behavior may be that he has a crush on someone else.

Of course, there are occasions when having a crush is harmless. One of those occasions is when your boyfriend has a crush on a movie star or celebrity. But when his eyes alight on someone who could possibly reciprocate his feelings, like a work colleague, that’s when trouble can start to brew.

With the possibility of another woman snatching up your man, that crush can quickly turn into a flame. Then you might end up losing your boyfriend forever, and who wants that? Luckily for you, there are some giveaways that your boyfriend might be falling for someone new. Let our LA matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service show you telltale warning signs your boyfriend likes another woman.

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1. He Avoids Making Plans with You

Rather than risk your anger by making plans with you only to bail on you last minute, a guy who likes another woman will stop making plans with you altogether. If you suggest things for the two of you to do together, he’ll find any excuse to get out of it. The restaurant is too expensive, the movie reviews say that movie is horrible, he’s suddenly on a strict diet and can’t eat junk, his friend has a thing to go and invited him to come alone – you get the idea.


By avoiding plans and, in turn, preventing you from organizing anything, he can phase you out without feeling like he’s hurting you. Plus, with a schedule that is free of you, he can spend more time with the new woman he has a crush on.

2. He Is Always Busy

Like avoid making plans, a guy who suddenly becomes super busy is sending you a not-so-subtle sign that he is no longer interested in you. When a guy is feeling you, he’ll make time for you, even if he has a busy schedule and commitments to take care of. Why? Because you are worth it. When a guy has lost interest, on the other hand, even the most mundane of activities take a priority over spending time with you.

A guy would rather clean his car and run non-sense errands than spend time with a woman he is no longer interested in. Stop making excuses for him and just accept the fact he is no longer into you.

3. He Gets Angry All the Time

Moodiness is part of our lives. We all go through ups and downs, but when your guy becomes moody all the time and doesn’t give you a reason why and never apologizes for his behavior, it could be because he’d rather be with another woman.

Feeling unhappy in a relationship can contribute to moodiness, as the smallest things can irritate him. If he gets angry for no reason and goes through extremes highs and lows with no time to catch his breath, it could be because he’s dealing with his internal struggle of wanting to be with another woman. Guilt can also have a huge impact on his moodiness, as well as anger at the entire situation. Just remember that this isn’t your fault, and any moodiness is entirely from his own actions.

4. He Picks Fights for No Reason

When a guy begins to pick fights, it’s because he’s hoping for you to end the relationship so he doesn’t have to do it himself. He is trying to get under your skin so you kick his rear to the curb. While he might not be cheating per se, he feels like he’s already doing wrong by flirting with the new woman. If he makes you angry enough to break up with him, he figures you get to be the bad guy and he won’t be seen as the villain for walking away from you.

So what do you say? How does your guy measure up? Is he planning on walking away for another woman? If you noticed a couple of these warning signs, it’s time you sit down and have a talk with him to figure out where you stand.

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