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Things started off great. You had many things in common, you loved spending time together, and you had great chemistry. However, lately things don’t seem so great. Everything has taken a turn for the worst and you don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe you’ve just outgrown your relationship. Let our Los Angeles matchmakers show you the top signs you’ve outgrown your relationship and it’s time to leave.

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1. You both see yourselves in different places.

There’s a possibility you can fix this, but the chances are slim. If you see yourself traveling the world while your partner wants to advance in their career, this will never work out. If you see yourself pursuing an acting career and moving to New York City while your partner wants to start a family here at home, then you’re clearly on different pages. If you see different futures, it’s better to end the relationship now.

2. There are many other things you would rather do than be with them.

We’re talking about work, hobbies, exercise, spending time with friends, getting your nails done, or even taking out the trash—anything other than spending time with your partner. While participating in your own hobbies and interests is great, if you’re doing anything you can to avoid being with them, that’s a warning sign for you. If the thought of seeing them has become dreadful for you, they have become more of a friend than a partner.

3. Texting or calling them is a chore.

It’s not as hard as spending time with them, but it’s pretty close. You’re no longer excited to call or text them to let them know what you’re up to. You find yourself doing the bare minimum to keep the relationship alive. And it’s even worse if they feel the same way towards you.

4. You don’t say “I love you” anymore.

And if you do, it’s forced because you don’t really mean it. You say it because you feel like you have to say it. Maybe at this point you don’t even realize you don’t feel that way anymore. If you’re questioning this one, it’s something you should evaluate.

5. When they tell you I love you, you don’t feel it.

When your partner said those magic words before, it made you light up from the inside out. But now those magical moments aren’t there. You actually hate it when your partner says those three magical dreadful words anymore.

6. You’re not excited about the future together.

More than that, you never even talk about the future. You’re both just living in the moment and never address anything to do with the future. You already know what’s going to happen so you both avoid the topic.

7. The single life is starting to sound appealing.

You see your friends going out every weekend and talking about crazy love stories while you’re stuck in a rut. You have nothing worthwhile to share with your friends. You miss those wild nights with your friends where you dressed up and hit the town. The single life is starting to sound very tempting to you.

8. You no longer go to your partner when you need to talk.

You might not even realize you’re doing this one, but you are. When you need someone to vent to, you don’t go to your partner—you go to your friends or family instead. Not only are you not seeking them out when you need comfort or advice, but you’re no longer excited to tell them the good things happening in your life.

Maybe you already know that you have outgrown your relationship. But if you didn’t and can relate to any of these signs, then you’ve definitely grown apart. Not all relationships are meant to pass the finish line. Don’t waste another day in a relationship that doesn’t bring you joy and happiness. You need a partner who brings you excitement, not dread. As painful as it may be, you need to go your separate ways.

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