How Singles in Los Angeles Can Survive the Holidays Alone

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Whether you’re not in a relationship by choice or by circumstance, you might not be feeling very festive right now. But that doesn’t mean you need to wallow in self-pity and not participate in the holiday season.

Even though you don’t mind holiday music and Christmas movies, you do mind seeing happy couples holding hands at the malls as they shop for the perfect gifts for each other. It’s natural, you’re single and not looking forward to the holidays all alone.

Keep things in perspective because the decorations will soon come down, the stores will start prepping for President’s Day, and everything will go back to business as normal. While no advice can take the loneliness away, if you’re one of the many singles in Los Angeles who is feeling down and out, we hope that at least one of these holiday survival tips will help you over the holiday hump.

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1. Start a new project.

You can literally do anything you want. It can be something that can be done in just a few hours—like organizing your closets or cleaning your oven—or something that takes a few more days—like painting the walls in your bedroom. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the finished product from all your hard work.

2. Lighten up your load.

Get rid of all the things around your home that you don’t need but others can use. Gather clothes and household items and donate them to charity, like Goodwill or Purple Heart. Christmas is all about giving, so not only will you help those in need but you’ll feel good after you declutter your home.

3. Write a gratitude list.

Write a gratitude list that includes at least ten things you’re grateful for and you’ll get double those benefits. Realizing that you have many things in life you’re grateful for will make you forget that you’re single.

4. Plan a movie night.

Who said you had to be in a relationship to watch a Christmas movie marathon? Whether you choose the classics or the new releases, there’s always something to watch. Oh, and don’t feel self-conscious about going to the movies by yourself either. It’s quite liberating.

5. Get happy by doing the things you want.

As a single person, you have the luxury of not having to scour the crowded malls for your partner and in-laws. Now you have the perfect opportunity to spend time doing the things you want to do, which means you can treat yourself to a day at the spa getting pampered like you deserve. You can finally buy that designer wallet or handbag you’ve had your eye on. And you can attend as many holiday mixers as you want and possibly find someone you hit it off with there.

6. Have a good answer ready to fire up.

When you’re single, you’ll probably run into a few nosy friends and family members at Christmas parties who want to know about your relationship status. What happened to Nikki or Paul? Why aren’t you dating anymore? When will you settle down? Why aren’t you married when all your friends are? What are you waiting for… Blah blah blah. Your friends and family mean well, but the last thing you want to hear are those much-dreaded questions, which is why you need to have an answer handy. When your relatives and friends ask why you’re alone, you should always have a witty response to throw at them.

7. Don’t shy away from matchmaking.

You’ve seen the commercials on TV. You’ve seen the ads online. Matchmaking is perfect for singles who are time-pressed and looking to meet relationship-minded singles. In the past, matchmaking services had a stigma, but that’s no longer the case today. You might be surprised who we can introduce you to if you join our matchmaking service.

You’re not the only one going through the holidays alone, even though that’s how you might feel right now. Sure, you might not have someone to kiss under the mistletoe, but you should be thankful for the friends and family you do have.

If you’re tired of spending the holidays alone, contact our Los Angeles matchmakers today and let us help you find someone special this year. Now go out there and be merry in the meantime.

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