How Single Men in Los Angeles Can Spot a Gold Digger

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Unfortunately, the Los Angeles dating scene is full of gold diggers. It’s sad, but they want your money and don’t care about your feelings.

Want to avoid them? Well, here’s how you spot them. There are a lot of gold digging women in LA, and that’s just the life we’re living today. That being said, some of them are in this world to use you. They will use you for your money and drain you out of everything you own.

What is a gold digger? For those who don’t know what this term means, no worries. A gold digger is a woman who uses a man for his money. These women want to be with rich men who can buy them everything or give them fame and power.

how to spot a gold digger

How Single Men in Los Angeles Can Spot Gold Diggers

Thankfully, being able to spot a woman who is only with you for your money is easy to do when you know what to look for. They give off obvious signs that they’re only after you for your money and nothing more. If you’re one of the thousands of single men in Los Angeles who is looking for real love, then you ought to stay clear of a gold digger. Let our Los Angeles matchmakers show you how.

1. She Has a Bad Attitude

There are plenty of women who are go-with-the-flow and laidback. The difference between these women and gold diggers is that gold diggers will agree with everything you say and with enthusiasm. This will make you want to spend more money on them. You see, they’re very manipulative.

2. She Shares Many Things in Common

This is another way gold diggers will manipulate you. When you first get to know her, she’ll basically tell you that the two of you share so much in common. It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, she somehow chimes in and acts like she’s a fanatic too. You’ll know she’s trying to appeal to you when she never talks of any of her own interests but says she likes everything you talk about.

3. She Gushes Over Your Job & Possessions

She doesn’t care that you volunteer at the animal shelter on the weekends or that you help those in need through charity work. All she cares about is your job and expensive possessions. She gushes about your six-figure job, your shiny car, your beautiful penthouse, and all of your expensive club memberships. Gold diggers are drawn to men who make a lot of money and hold high positions. Does this ring a bell with the new woman in your life?

4. She Has Expensive Taste

Does she buy top-of-the-line everything? Are all of her clothes designer? Is she unemployed? If so, she’s definitely a gold digger. Women with very expensive taste and no job to pay for those things themselves are gold diggers who chase men to pay for everything for them. If she happens to be single, it means you’ll be the next person who is paying for those expensive items. She’s looking for a wealthy man to latch onto like a leech.

5. She’s Out of Your League

This might be hard for you to admit, but it will help you figure out if she’s a gold digger or not. A gorgeous woman who is dating a less attractive guy with a few pounds to lose can definitely raise alarm bells. And if you make a lot of money, that might be the only reason she’s attracted to you. Let us take that back… She’s not attracted to you at all—she’s attracted to your money.

The sad thing about gold diggers is that they have no shame in their game. They don’t care if they manipulate you or hurt you in the process. It’s up to you to spot them and safeguard your heart and bank account.

If you’re one of the thousands of single men in Los Angeles who is tired of meeting women who are only after money and fame, contact the best Westwood matchmakers today and let us do the matching for you. We’ll introduce you to quality women who are genuine and looking for a meaningful relationship. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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