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A lot of times, men are so concerned with making a good impression that they forget they need to be on the lookout for dating red flags.  Many single women in Los Angeles aren’t looking for a serious relationship, and these women aren’t good candidates for something serious.  The next thing you know, you end up dating someone who isn’t right for you.  Here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we want to help single men in Los Angeles find love, which is why we’re here to show you the dating red flags you must keep an eye for in the LA dating scene.

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A Lack of Self-Awareness

Some women are under the impression that they never do anything wrong.  It’s this type of woman who immediately points the finger at her man when she gets mad or when they’re experiencing troubles in the relationship.  She’ll blame him for all the problems and never accept responsibility for her own actions.  Many single women in Los Angeles are known for playing the victim card, which is something you need to look out for.  This lack of self-awareness will make for a toxic relationship down the road, one that is full of drama.

Too Good to Be True

We know there are many single women in Los Angeles that are drop-dead gorgeous and use makeup to enhance their appearances.  But sometimes a woman takes it to the extreme.  With makeup, less is more.  If you’re looking for a real relationship, stay away from women who are caked up in makeup.  Too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing.  It can mean that she is into her appearances just a tad too much… Not to mention, she’s high-maintenance, which will make it hard for you to keep up.  Hiding behind all that makeup can also be an indicator of insecurities, which can spell trouble for you.

Outrageous Reactions

Women are a little more emotional than men, and that’s no secret.  But keep an eye for, and stay away from, women who have emotional outbursts.  Women who explode for no reason are the ones you need to stay far away from in the dating world.  These women are clearly not emotionally mature.  For example, if the woman you’re out with freaks out because the waitress brought her a non-diet instead of diet beverage, then you have a problem at hand.  You don’t want to get into a relationship with a woman who cannot handle her emotions and gets angry over the little things we all experience in life.

Too Much Talk of Exes

If you are dating in LA, you want to stay away from women who cannot let go of their exes.  Clearly, if a woman cannot refrain from talking about her ex, she’s not over him.  She is not ready to date you and might even run back to him if he gives her another chance… Leaving you with a broken heart.


Did this woman ask you to be exclusive after only a couple of dates?  Run away as fast as you can!  While it might seem flattering to have a beautiful woman show interest in you, the fact that she wants to be exclusive so soon is a warning sign that she’s needy and on a desperate hunt for a man—any man.  This kind of neediness and desperation will create a bad foundation for your relationship, so don’t ignore this dating red flag.  Dating takes time, and the right woman will not rush it along.

Too Many Insecurities

A woman who asks you questions about your dating life is okay, but some women take it to the extreme.  If you find a woman is bombarding you with question after question about your previous relationships, be wary.  It’s because she’s insecure and looking for comparisons.

Fresh Out of a Relationship

Dating a woman who just came out of a serious relationship is never recommended.  She has not had time to heal and move on.  After all, it takes time to heal from a long-term relationship.  She should have taken time to work on herself and become a better individual after her split.  If she hasn’t and is already dating, that should be a warning sign… She’s on the rebound.

If a woman is already out in the dating scene only a few days after her breakup, then she’s only looking for a rebound relationship.  Our Los Angeles matchmakers know you don’t want to end up as her ex’s replacement, or someone she uses to escape the feeling of loneliness.  We encourage you to be patient and take things slow.  Never rush a relationship with a woman who is fresh out of a relationship.

Zero Respect

Sometimes a guy will be head over heels for a woman, neglecting the fact that she’s treating him with no respect.  If a woman doesn’t respect you, then you need to walk away.  If you don’t have boundaries early on, the relationship is never going to work.  Many single men in Los Angeles put women on a pedestal and let them do what they want because they’re afraid of creating conflict.  One of the most important things you can do is set boundaries so she respects you.  Women want a man who tells them no from time to time.

Commitment Issues

Pay close attention to her commitment level with you.  Does she say she wants to be serious but has been seen dating around?  Also, keep an eye for her own commitments.  Does she bounce from one hobby to the next?  Or worse, is she jumping from job to job?  If this is the case, it means she gets bored easily, which can spell trouble for your relationship.

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