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As the top dating consultants in Los Angeles, we know that there are many women in LA that aren’t relationship material.  However, some of these women camouflage their intentions pretty well.

When a man pursues a woman, he often overlooks the bad things about her because he is head over heels and caught up in a rush of excitement.  He doesn’t realize she’s not the one until it’s far too late.  If you are currently dating a woman and feeling unsure where you stand, use the following warning signs from the top dating consultants in Los Angeles to figure out whether or not she’s the right woman for you.

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1. She doesn’t appreciate anything.

If you are the type of man who is always doing things for your woman to make her feel special, you need a woman who appreciates your efforts and does the same thing for you.  She should express gratitude and contribute equally to the relationship.  If not, you don’t have the right woman.  If you are a man who goes above and beyond for his woman, and she doesn’t do anything for you, then you are dating someone who is ungrateful and doesn’t deserve you.

2. She doesn’t admit fault.

A clear red flag you have the wrong woman is when she doesn’t take responsibility for her wrongdoings.  If the woman you’re dating is always pointing the finger at you when it’s clearly her fault, then you have the wrong woman.

To take responsibility is to be mature.  And if your woman isn’t doing this, then she needs to grow up.  If your woman is not able to take the first step and admit to her wrongdoings, then it will be impossible to have a happy and healthy relationship with her.  Nothing will ever be her fault but always yours.

3. She keeps you on a tight leash.

You have friends, interests, and hobbies, so it’s natural for you to want time for yourself.  While it’s understandable that she wants to spend time with you, she can’t expect to spend all her time with you.  If she doesn’t let you do the things you like, and keeps you on a tight leash, then you have the wrong woman.  If your woman has a hard time letting you live your life and always has a say in the things you do, then she is clearly possessive over you.  As the top dating consultants in Los Angeles, we know it’s absolutely impossible to have a healthy relationship with a partner who is possessive.

A woman who truly cares and loves you will have no problem letting you do the things you love; after all, she knows those things make you happy, which will ultimately benefit the relationship as a whole.

4. She’s not consistent with her actions.

As we mentioned in the introduction of this article, when men are infatuated with women, they don’t notice the red flags.  If the woman you’re dating isn’t consistent with her actions, then you’re dating the wrong woman.  If she is always cancelling plans or takes you for granted, then you need to cut the cord.

5. She’s only nice to you.

The woman you’re dating could be sweet as pie to you, but is she only nice to you?  Pay attention to the way she treats others when you go out for a drink or out to eat on the town.  Believe it or not, this will tell you a lot about her as a person.  If a woman isn’t nice to the waiter, cab driver, or valet parking attendant, then she isn’t nice, regardless how nice she is to you.

6. She feels entitled to everything.

There are a lot women in LA who feel entitled to everything.  This type of woman needs to be drowned with gifts all the time and given constant attention.  As the top dating consultants in Los Angeles, we agree that a man should spoil his woman from time to time, but the relationship should not revolve solely around gifts and what you can do for her.  If the woman you’re dating feels like she is entitled to everything, and expects to be treated like a queen by being showered in lavish gifts, then you’re dating the wrong woman.

Relationships aren’t based on expensive gifts.  If she always expects gifts and special treatment from you, then you are with the wrong woman.

7. She’s always arguing.

No explanation needed for this one.  It doesn’t matter how good she looks, how successful she is, or how much you love her.  If she is always negative and draining you of all your positive energy, then you need to let her go.

It’s okay to argue from time to time, but your relationship shouldn’t be one continuous argument.  If all you do is argue and fight, then it’s clear you have the wrong woman.  Let her go before you drains you of your own positivity.

8. She doesn’t have the same visions for the future.

Let’s be honest here.  If you want a successful relationship that will last forever, then you and your girlfriend must have the same views for the future, or at least be pretty close.  As the top dating consultants in Los Angeles, we know how important this one is because if you and your girlfriend don’t have the same visions for the future, it’s never going to work.  Of course you can compromise here and there, but if she wants to party on the weekends while you’re looking to settle down and start a family, the relationship will undoubtedly have future conflicts.

In other words, for a relationship to be successful, you must have the same core values, life goals, and relationship expectations.  If you don’t have this, it’s time to walk away and find someone you are compatible with.

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