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Toxicity is dangerous to your life, especially your dating life. As a Beverly Hills matchmaking service with over 30 years of experience in the Los Angeles dating industry, we know it’s not always easy to spot toxicity in someone you’re dating. There are too many toxic guys out there that you have to watch for.

Some men get a rush out of being rude to women. Unfortunately, those guys do not show their true colors during the early stages of the relationship.

Most women who have been with a toxic guy will admit that they instantly fell in love with him and that it felt like the perfect romance. However, they will then claim that her fairytale romance quickly turned into a horror story.

Wondering if you’re dating toxic guy? Today, our Beverly Hills matchmakers will show you the top warning signs your guy is toxic.

1. He subtly tries to control you.

Who wants to be in a controlling relationship? Women, please keep in mind that there is nothing worse than men who want to control their girlfriends. A man who is toxic will subtly try to control everything in the relationship.

He will not go up to you and directly tell you that you cannot do something. Instead, he will suggest that he thinks you shouldn’t do it. How can you figure this one out? His suggestions will sound more like rules he has set for the relationship. He will tell you that you can’t go to dinner with his friends, but then quickly turn around and tell you that you can if you really want to – while rolling his eyes. Get it?

2. He’s a hypocrite.

A toxic man will want you to do what he says, not what he does. You know the expression, “Do as I say, not as I do? A toxic man lives by that rule. He is allowed to do whatever he wants to do whenever he wants to do it. But not you, so don’t get any ideas.

3. He is always lying.

A toxic man has his lies laid out as if he has them noted down and practices them all the time. Lying is a hobby to him, and he sometimes does not even hide it. For example, he’ll tell you that he is going to see a friend, but he posts a video story on Facebook while he’s out at the bar.

In simple terms, his life is a big lie. A toxic man is the type of guy that will lie to get out of a lie. Before you even get to question him about something, he will have a lie already ready to go. This is tiresome and frustrating and will lead to a lot of resentment and mistrust in the relationship.

4. He doesn’t know the meaning of respect.

Obviously not if he’s always to you, right? No woman should have to remind a mature man that he should respect her.

Normal men understand the simple concept of respect in life and love, but toxic guys have no clue. A toxic guy will also pretend to respect the woman he is dating. To further explain this, in the beginning, he will listen to every word she says and show her that she truly cares, but later on he’ll use that to his advantage to treat her like a puppet on a string.

Ladies, if you see a couple of these warning signs in your guy, take the blinders off and realize he’s not worth your time. This guy is toxic and will leave you frustrated in the relationship – and eventually alone and heartbroken. Drop him now and find someone who respects, loves, and adores you.

Tired of dating toxic guys? Contact the best Beverly Hills matchmaking service today and let our team help you find true love. Let our professional matchmakers introduce you to quality single men in Los Angeles who are fit to date and compatible with you. No more doubts or mistrust – only great guys who treat you right!

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