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You’ve just realized that your perfect guy isn’t that perfect after all, and no matter how many times you beg him to change, your requests are only ignored. No amount of begging or nagging is going to get him to change, so you need to take a different approach from here on out.

Today, our Beverly Hills matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will show you some helpful ways to get a guy to change his bad ways. Take it from us, you want to encourage him, not discourage him.

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1. Create a distraction.

Telling him that you need to talk is the fastest way to get him to run the opposite way. If you have a request, it’s best to ask while he’s distracted. Take him out shopping or go for a walk around the local park on a Saturday morning. While the two of you are engaged in your activity, relaxed, and having a good time, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to say what’s on your mind. He’ll be more willing to cater to your demands if he’s relaxed and not feeling pressured by the thought of being bombarded with a “talk.”

2. Show him what you want.

It’s all about leading by example. If you want him to take you to nice dinners, book a reservation for the two of you at an upscale restaurant. If you want him to whisk you away on an impromptu vacation, book a staycation for the two of you in a couples-only retreat. Doing the things that you ultimately want him to do is one of the most effective ways to get him to change.

3. Set boundaries and stick to them.

You can’t ask for him to do something and still be okay if he doesn’t do it. Accepting whatever he gives you will only ruin your relationship in the long run. Creating boundaries means that it’s time to determine what you want, what you’ll accept, and what you’ll never be okay with. If he knows the relationship is on the line and you’re willing to walk away if he doesn’t straighten himself out, he’ll be more willing to make changes.

4. Figure out what part you’re playing in this.

It’s easy to point the finger, but being self-aware and understanding how you’re hindering your relationship is very important. Is there something you’re doing that’s causing him to be so defiant? Are you coming on too strong with your demands and causing him to shut down? If you can discover whether you’re playing a role in his resistance to change, you’ll be one step closer to getting him to change.

Guys are stubborn creatures that are most often set in their ways. They take offense when someone wants to change them, so it’s best you encourage him instead of nag or demand. With the right coaching, finesse, and leading by example, you’ll be able to slowly get your guy to change.

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