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Men always say that women are too difficult to understand. But there are some things women do in a relationship that men adore and can’t get enough of. And these female behaviors are, therefore, very well loved and understood by men.

Today our Beverly Hills dating service, Los Angeles Singles, is going to show you the top things men love about women. In general, a lot of men are charmed by a similar set of behaviors.

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1. When You Bite Your Lip

For many women, biting their lip may be an unconscious gesture, something they do when they are a little bit nervous. For others, it’s an indispensable flirting tool, something they use to capture a guy’s attention.

Whatever your personal stance on biting your lip, one thing is for sure – guys love it. When you bite your lip, you draw his attention immediately and he’ll want to kiss you. And, it makes him wonder what thoughts are running through your mind at the time. It drives guys totally wild, so if you ever want to capture his attention fast, just bite your lip.

2. When You Blush

There’s no doubt about it – when it comes to blushing, men and women have different stands on this. If you’re a woman, chances are you get embarrassed and a little frustrated when you feel that your cheeks are turning red. After all, who wants to wear their emotions on their face?   For guys, though, it’s a little different. They find it sweet.

They have to know those pick-up lines are a little cheesy and will never work, but they use them anyways because they have to. So if he can make you blush, his heart is going to melt. So, the next time your guy makes a joke or uses a corny line on you that makes you blush, don’t hide it.

3. When You Get All Done Up

Many women assume their guy is going to get mad when they take hours to get ready for date night. And, of course, if you’re constantly an hour late to every date night because you can’t seem to figure out what outfit you’re going to wear for the evening, that will definitely get him annoyed.

However, if you spend a bit too long getting ready for date night because you want to look stunning for the night, he probably won’t get annoyed. He will love to see you all done up for the night. He’ll probably have to stop his jaw from dropping to the floor. Sometimes he needs to be reminded of the beautiful woman he has as a girlfriend.

4. When You Give Him Advice

Okay, now, if you’re constantly telling your boyfriend what to do and how he should be doing things, that’s not okay at all. However, don’t feel like you need to keep your advice to yourself if your boyfriend comes up to you for advice.

After all, he wouldn’t be asking for your opinion if he didn’t value it. If you have a strong connection with your partner, you actually enjoy getting their take on things and getting each other’s perspective on all your tough troubles. And having someone like that by your side makes life much better. So even though you may worry you’re nagging, chances are, he actually loves it when you give him advice.

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