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Men are like fine wine—they get better with age. And speaking of wine, older men are also fonder of drinking a nice bottle of merlot with you and not too fond of going to the clubs and popping bottles all night. But let’s not make dating an older man sound too mundane. Dating an older man comes with so many perks that can make for a thrilling and happy relationship.

If you’re used to dating younger men in LA, your date nights probably consist of going to the bars, drinking beer, and eating nachos—no fine dining in sight. And although younger guys do have a lot to offer when it comes to fun, older men are more experienced and wiser, which adds excitement, stability, and value to the relationship. That being said, let our Beverly Hills dating service show you four excellent reasons to consider dating an older man.

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1. They have the best advice.

By default, older men have seen it all and have a lot more experience than the younger generation. This is not meant to be a disadvantage to younger men, but it’s 100% true. With age comes more life experiences, more trauma, and more knowledge. Older men have been through everything in life and know how to handle everything that comes their way.

Since older men have been through and seen it all, their experience allows them to have better judgement, which will also allow him to lend you the very best advice in your own life. Their life experiences also prompt them to make better decisions in life, which can translate to having a more secure relationship.

2. You don’t have to worry about their mother meddling.

Older men tend to outgrow the stage of being a momma’s boy. While there is nothing wrong with having a healthy relationship with their mother, younger men tend to rely on their moms for everything. In many cases, mom can unintentionally give their sons dating advice that isn’t right. This can be detrimental for your relationship and the bond with your partner.

Older men have outgrown their mother’s advice and rely on their own personal experience and intuition. Even if they do talk to their mother and get their advice, they’re more likely to follow their own gut instinct. No more meddling moms to create drama in your relationship.

3. They know what they want in a woman.

Being more experienced, older men tend to have a better idea of the qualities they’re looking for in a woman. Since they had a chance to experience many different types of personalities and characteristics of a woman, older men are already know exactly what they want in a partner.

Older men are more likely not to waste a woman’s time if they don’t think she fits the bill for a long-term partner. If you’re already dating an older man, you can feel confident in knowing his intentions are true, and he’s with you because he sees you as a future partner.

4. They don’t care about clubbing.

Many younger men in LA feel the need to party on the weekends because it boosts their confidence and gives them a sense of freedom. However, an older man is over the whole clubbing scene. They have filled the stage of partying and no longer feel the need to go to clubs on the weekend. While younger men may need to go clubbing on the weekend, older men tend to stay far away from the clubs, especially when they’re in a relationship.

That’s not to say that older men don’t know how to have fun, but they would rather spend quality time outside of a crowded and noisy bar, something you’ll value and appreciate in a mature relationship.

If you’ve never dated an older man before, we promise you that there’s nothing quite like having a mature and meaningful relationship with a mature guy.

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