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Hearing those three little words can mean everything to you, but men have a hard time saying “I love you.” Luckily, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings for you. Women in relationships want to know that their boyfriend loves them. Even if you’ve been together for a long time, you can start to feel insecure about your relationship if your partner doesn’t say I love you. But just because he doesn’t say those magic words like he used to—or your new boyfriend has yet to say them—it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

Even if you can’t get your boyfriend to vocalize those magic words, there are ways he can show you that he loves you without saying a word. While romantic gestures are always appreciated, love is often felt in the simple everyday things. As much as you might want to hear “I love you” every day of your life, your boyfriend might be showing you he loves you in everyday ways.

As the #1 Beverly Hills dating service, we’re here to help you figure out how your man feels for you. Today, our LA matchmakers will show you three ways guys show they love you without actually saying, “I love you.”

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1. He gives you thoughtful gifts.

A good gift doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, if you think back to the best gifts you ever received, they probably weren’t expensive at all. Any guy can hit the jewelry store and pick up something expensive. But that doesn’t make it meaningful. What really makes the gift memorable is when your boyfriend remembers something you told him and incorporates it into the gift—whether it be a restaurant you’ve been dying to go to or tickets to your favorite band that happens to be in town over the weekend.

A thoughtful, meaningful gift is an easy way for your guy to show you how much he loves you. Your boyfriend is proving to you that he cares about you by giving you something thoughtful.

2. He puts in efforts with your friends.

Your guy knows that your friends are important to you, which makes them important to him too. He remembers that Michelle is having guy problems, that Melissa is backpacking to Brazil, and that Summer just got a job promotion. He cracks jokes with your friends when they come around and is happy to see you hang out with them.

He knows your gal pals are an extension of you and treats them with the respect they deserve. He also understands that you need to spend time with them to keep your friendships alive. A guy who gets along with your girlfriends and encourages you to spend time with them is a surefire keeper.

3. He’s willing to step out of his comfort zone for you.

You always wanted to go hiking through the mountains, but he wasn’t an outdoor type of guy. You signed up for an improv class, but he was afraid of getting on stage. You live for sushi, but he doesn’t like raw fish. Yet what does he do in all these situations? He gives it a shot just for you. Whether or not he likes it, that’s another issue. What’s important is that he was willing to try it just for you.

He is willing to step out of his comfort zone and try new things—not to impress you but to spend time with you. If it’s not his thing, so be it, but he at least gave it a shot. You can always go hiking with your friends, go to improv after work, and go to eat sushi with your coworkers. It’s the fact that he’s willing to try new things and push his limits. Trust us, that says a lot. That right there is true love.

Just because he doesn’t say those magic words doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings for you. Men are very funny with their emotions and have a hard time vocalizing them.

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